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Jon Karuschkat

Reverse Mortgage Professional
NMLS# 364066
(866) 503-2718 ext. 8623
American Advisors Group NMLS# 9392
5851 Legacy Circle Suite 600, Offices 6005, 6032, Plano, TX 75024

Jon Karuschkat - Arkansas Reverse Mortgage Professional

I have been in the mortgage business for many years. I have been concentrating on reverse mortgages for the last 2 years. Every day I get excited about my profession because it allows me to help fellow seniors find the right loan to suit their needs. I get to preserve and enrich individuals’ retirement plans, all while reducing their stress. And I get to meet and visit with some very special people.


Jon Karuschkat is helping seniors in Arkansas qualify for a reverse mortgage

Reverse Mortgages - How can a reverse mortgage help you?

Eliminate Monthly Mortgage

Without the burden of a monthly mortgage payment, you can free up cash to cover other important expenses.¹

Access Cash

The loan proceeds are tax-free² and can be used in various ways, like paying health care costs or financing home renovations.

Stay in Your Home

With a reverse mortgage loan, you can afford to stay in the home you love and age in place.³

¹Borrowers must continue to maintain their home, pay property taxes and homeowners insurance, and otherwise comply with all loan terms.

²Consult your tax advisor

³Borrowers could be subject to foreclosure for reasons including failure to maintain the property or to pay taxes and insurance.

Reverse Mortgage Refinance Solutions

There may be times when a homeowner who already has a reverse mortgage wants to refinance the loan.

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senior couple enjoying the benefits of a HECM Loan

Jumbo Reverse Mortgages (AAG Advantage)

Do you own a high-value home and are looking into a reverse mortgage or refinance loan? At AAG, we proudly offer older Americans the ability to access up to $4 million in loan proceeds from either solution.

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husband and wife enjoying coffee in the home they just purchased using a reverse mortgage

Reverse For Purchase

A reverse mortgage purchase or HECM for purchase allows seniors age 62 or older to buy a new home with HECM loan proceeds.

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mother and daughter discussing how a reverse mortgage could be the best option for mom

Facts and Resources

There are a lot of questions that arise when considering a reverse mortgage. We provide some of the top Q&As and resources as you explore this unique loan.

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senior couple discussing the facts about reverse mortgages

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